Mission and Aims

PoCoG aims to improve outcomes for people affected by cancer by developing and facilitating high quality, collaborative and clinically relevant research that focuses on interventions and services to optimise psychosocial and supportive care.
PoCoG provides expert advice, resources and support to researchers and health professionals to increase collaboration and innovation in psycho-oncology research.
PoCoG brings together researchers, clinicians, health care professionals and consumers to share ideas and form new collaborations and networks
PoCoG develops national research capacity and collaborations to conduct large-scale, multi-centre research of clinical relevance and importance, which would be difficult for a single team to undertake
PoCoG encourages and collaborates with cooperative cancer trials groups to include psychosocial or quality of life sub-studies in existing and planned research
PoCoG provides and promotes resources that support researchers in developing psychosocial and quality of life research

The University of Sydney