Organisational Information

PoCoG Chair

The  PoCoG Chair  is the leader, champion and mentor of our research group. The Chair is recognised internationally for excellence in psycho-oncology research, effective and continuing leadership and for ensuring that PoCoG functions as the leading Australian psycho-oncology research collaborative. The Chair also oversees and acts as an adviser to the governing bodies of PoCoG, the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Management Team.


Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is responsible for determining the strategic direction and research priorities of PoCoG. SAC’s activities include:

  • Setting strategic and scientific direction and priorities and ensuring these are in line with Cancer Australia principles and key performance indicators
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on proposals for PoCoG involvement in research (either as PoCoG administered or PoCoG supported studies)
  • Taking part in the ongoing review of PoCoG studies to ensure scientific rigour and maintenance of research quality standards (PoCoG administered studies)

The SAC is multidisciplinary and includes members with expertise in qualitative and quantitative research, statistics and/or diverse clinical roles related to psycho-oncology from across Australia.

The SAC comprises:

  • SAC Chair
  • Deputy SAC Chair
  • PoCoG Chair
  • PoCoG Deputy Chair
  • A representative of the Joint Community Advisory Group (JCAG)
  • A maximum of six ordinary members
  • A maximum of four early career researchers
  • President of the Australian Psycho-Oncology Society (OZPOS) or nominated representative
  • Chair of the Oncology Social Work Australia (OSWA) or nominated representative
  • Chair of the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia (CNSA) or nominated representative

In addition, the following advisory (non-voting) members are regularly co-opted into specific scientific activities of PoCoG:

  • Representative from the Cancer Quality of Life Office advisory service
  • Representative from the Cancer Australia Health Economics advisory service

Click here to see the  Members of the PoCoG SAC.

Membership of the SAC is open to all PoCoG members (excluding PoCoG EO staff)


Joint Community Advisory Group (JCAG)

The  Joint Community Advisory Group (JCAG)  is a joint initiative between PoCoG and the  Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group  (PC4) and was formed to promote community participation in the activities of both groups.

 JCAG functions as an advisory group to both PoCoG and PC4 and as a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Committee of both groups.

JCAG’s activities include:

  • Reviewing research concepts from the community's perspective including the validity of the overall research question
  • Reviewing information sheets and consent forms of SAC approved studies
  • Participating in working groups
  • Facilitating links with members of the community and community groups
  • Contributing to or initiating community projects and activities
  • Raising awareness and advocating about community priorities among PoCoG and PC4 members
  • Advising on ways to increase public awareness of the importance of clinical trials
  • Advocating participation in research and clinical trials to wider community

Management Team (MT)

The Management Team (MT) is responsible for the management of PoCoG, which includes financial and administrative issues, as well as liaison with other clinical trials groups and interaction with key stakeholders.

The MT has an advisory role in strategic direction and decision-making and is also responsible for implementing the policies and procedures of PoCoG and for operationalising the group’s strategic direction.


Executive Office (EO)

The  Executive Office (EO)  provides support for the activities of PoCoG, the Chair, the SAC and the MT. The Executive Office consists of core staff members responsible for all aspects of the conduct of the Group's research program and executive functions, as well as provision of membership services.