PoCoG administered studies open to recruitment

PoCoG 2016-104: Exploration of barriers and facilitators of community-based delivery of psycho-oncology treatment

The Psycho-oncology Co-operative Research Group (PoCoG), a national Cancer Australia-funded Clinial Trials Group, located at the University of Sydney is currently conducting a research study aimed at exploring the barriers and enablers to implementation of a newly-developed shared care model for the treatment of anxiety and depression in cancer patients. In the new model, it is proposed that treatment will be delivered in the community, with general practitioners managing medication prescribing and community psychologists, mentored by hospital-based psycho-oncology specialists, providing cancer-specific cognitive behavioural therapy.

We are looking for Clinical Psychologists,  General Practitioners and Hospital-based Psycho-oncologists to complete a face-to-face or a telephone semi-structured interview. The interview aims to explore your views on the feasibility and acceptability of implementing the shared care model .

Your responses will be de-identifed and kept entirely confidential.  

Your involvement should take about 45 minutes of your time in total.

Participation in this study is open to any Clinical Psychologist or General Practitioner who is currently working in community-based practice with at least 5 years professional experience in delivery of community-based care OR hospital-based psycho-oncology clinicians with at least 5 years professional experience.

The research is being undertaken by Dr Joanne Shaw, Dr Lisa Vaccaro and Dr Laura Kirsten. The project has received ethical approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee - The University of Sydney (Protocol Number 2017/389).

If you would like to participate please contact:

Dr Lisa Vaccaro, Email: lisa.vaccaro@sydney.edu.au   Phone: 02 9351 3877


Dr Joanne Shaw, Email: joanne.shaw@sydney.edu.au


The following studies form a program of work supported by a Cancer Institute NSW Translational Program Grant: A sustainable and supported clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients: Developing and evaluating components and testing implementation strategies 

PoCoG 2015-102: Pilot testing of patient resources to support implementation of the Anxiety and Depression Pathway (ADAPT) Program: A Clinical Pathway for the screening, assessment and management of anxiety and depression in adult patients with cancer


To (1) evaluate whether specifically developed resources for patients with cancer are acceptable and helpful for patients with cancer in understanding the process of screening and the use of a clinical pathway to assess and manage anxiety and/or depression; (2) determine patients’ level of understanding and the clarity of information provided in specifically developed resources for patients with cancer to explain the process of screening and the use of a clinical pathway to assess and manage anxiety and/ or depression.

Primary Investigator 
Chief Investigators
Heather Shepherd Josephine Clayton
  Afaf Girgis
  Fran Orr
  Toni Lindsay  
  Peter Grimison
  Philip Beale
  Janette Vardy
  Michael Marthick
  Judith Lacey
  Melanie Price
  Joanne Shaw
  Karen Allison
  Lindy Masya
  Phyllis Butow

Study contact: Heather.Shepherd@sydney.edu.au


PoCoG-2015-104*: A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of iCanADAPT, an internet Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) program for the treatment of depression and anxiety in early-stage cancer patients and cancer survivors


To explore the outcomes for participants with anxiety and/or depression and a current or previous diagnosis of cancer; who receive either: (1) clinician-assisted iCBT for mixed anxiety and depression (iCanADAPT Program) or (2) usual care (treatment as usual control group: TAU).

Primary Investigator
Chief investigators
Gavin Andrews      Jill Newby
  Michael Murphy
  Jessica Smith
  Laura Kirsten
  Catherine Mason
  Heather Shepherd
  Melanie Price
  Joanne Shaw
  Lindy Masya
  Karen Allison
  Phyllis Butow

Study contact: Heather.Shepher@sydney.edu.au

*In collaboration with the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression (CRUfAD), UNSW