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As part of the Cancer Australia QOL Technical Service, the University of Sydney QOL Office provides educational workshops to CTG staff and members to better equip them to include health-related QOL and other patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures/sub-studies in cancer clinical trials.


We have a range of workshop topics, covering the design, conduct and reporting of PRO components of CTG trials.


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previous workshops

1.     Integrating Patient-Reported Outcomes into Clinical Practice


This one-day workshop will use the International Society for Quality of Life Research Users’ Guide as a framework. Specifically, Professor Snyder will go step-by-step through the process of implementing a PRO assessment intervention in practice covering nine topics: starting with determining the goals for the PROs; reviewing the decisions regarding population, timing, and measures; describing how to report and act on the PRO data collected; and finally discussing approaches for evaluating the intervention. Lectures will be supplemented with examples and group work.


On completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

1.       Identify the considerations involved in implementing PROs in clinical practice

2.      Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the different options for addressing the considerations

3.       Apply available resources to aid in designing a PRO implementation strategy


 Presenter: Professor Claire Snyder

 President of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL)

 Professor of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, 

 Johns Hopkins School of  Medicine, Baltimore MD, USA


This workshop was held in November 2017, however, you can request a report by emailing the QoL Office: qol.office@sydney.edu.au

2. I2. Interpreting Quality of Life and other Patient-Reported Outcomes

Quality of Life (QOL) and other patient-reported outcomes (PROs) provide information about the impact of disease and treatment on the patient.

QOL/PROs should be interpreted in the context of other trial outcomes to provide a comprehensive assessment of treatment benefits and harms. Statistical significance alone is not a sufficient means of interpreting changes in PRO scores in a way that is clinically meaningful.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to interpret QOl PROs in a clinically meaningful way
  • Current approaches to determining the smallest difference in a PRO that matters

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  Presenter: Prof Madeleine King

  Cancer Australia Chair in Cancer Quality of Life (QOL)

  Director of the QOL Office,

  Psycho-oncology Co-operative Research Group (PoCoG),

  School of   Psychology, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia


This workshop was held in April 2017, however you can still access the recording: https://redcap.sydney.edu.au/surveys/?s=JXPJA9H3NL