Fear of Cancer Recurrence Project


The Fear of Cancer Recurrence Project is an RCT of an intervention for patients with fear of cancer recurrence (PI: Belinda Thewes). The project was one of four projects initiated at the PoCoG CDW in November 2008. It will be submitted for NHMRC funding in 2011.

Clinical strategies used in treating patients with fear of recurrence

This survey is a pilot study designed to collect data for the PoCoG initiated Fear of Cancer Recurrence Project and is being conducted by the Executive Office. The survey was first conducted last year with psychosocial clinician members of OZPOS, PoCoG and the Sydney Psychologists in Oncology Group. This year we are extending the survey to medical and nursing professionals and are in the process of obtaining permission from CNSA, MOGA and PC4 to survey their membership. After the permissions are obtained we will apply for an ethics amendment.

Fear of Recurrence intervention workshop

The study investigators are currently developing a module to train psychosocial clinicians in the delivery of the intervention. PoCoG Executive Office is involved in helping to put together the training manual and will be hosting the workshop in the second half of this year.