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12/10/2017 - CREST Workshop - Health Preferences in Cancer Trials
On Monday 20 November the Cancer Research Economics Support Team (CREST) at UTS is holding a workshop to provide an introduction to measuring preferences for health care services.   
The full-day workshop titled Preferences in Cancer Trials - What choices can tell us about value, is free to members of a Cancer Australia Co-operative Trials Group. 

This work shop will provide an overview of the steps involved for the design, implementation and analysis of discrete choice experiments (DCEs) and will use seminars and exercises covering:

  • Why use a DCE
  • Developing a DCE questionnaire (including attribute selection, testing and designing the experiment)
  • The practicalities of implementing a DCE
  • What to make of data from a DCE
  • Applying the results
Registrations close 6 November and you can learn more and apply here
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