The ADAPT Program 


PoCoG leads a large investigator team of national and international experts who were awarded a Cancer Institute NSW Translational Program Grant for the ADAPT Program in April 2015.


Anxiety and depression are common in those diagnosed with cancer, causing suffering to individuals and their families and decreasing survival.  The ADAPT Program, standing for Anxiety and Depression Pathway Program, aims to facilitate the integration of a newly developed clinical pathway for anxiety and depression in cancer patients into routine care, as well as to develop and evaluate implementation strategies to promote the uptake of the pathway in the Australian health care context. 


This research program seeks to ensure that all cancer patients suffering from anxiety and/or depression are identified and receive appropriate care.


Sustainable and effective resources and systems will be developed and implemented in a manner that:

  • empowers patients and family members towards self-care,
  • up-skills oncology health professionals, and
  • allows specialist psychosocial staff to focus on the people who most need their expert input.


The outcome of this program will inform future implementation strategies for a national rollout of the clinical pathway. 


The ADAPT Program is led by a collaborative investigator team of clinical, academic and consumer experts with additional support from the Joint Community Advisory Group (JCAG) to PoCoG.