Information Resources

What the study is about

There are lots of resources out there for brain cancer patients and their caregivers. But people with brain tumours can have problems with attention, memory, vision, and processing. The resources out there are hard to use for people with these problems.

Our work on Theme 3 is about getting and making resources that can work around those issues. We aim to put into the BRAINS portals information that can be used by people with those problems. We also aim to make sure the information is current and correct.

What we are doing

We have searched online for brain cancer resources from Australian and international organisations.  Right now, we are looking at if these resources are easy to read/view and understand. We are also checking if they are too old and what languages they are in.

What we expect to find

We are still working on this, but we think many of the resources need improving. We may even make new ones. In the end, we will have thorough resources that people with brain tumours and their caregivers can use. The resources will also meet their information and support needs.

What are our next steps

After we finish looking at how current and easy to read the resources are, the next steps will be to:

  • Make resources that can be used by people with brain tumours who have problems with attention, memory, vision and processing
  • Put these resources into the BRAINS portal

Test the resources with patients and caregivers to refine them and make sure they are suitable.