The BRAINS Program

The Brain Cancer Rehabilitation Assessment Interventions for Survivorship NeedS (BRAINS) Program


The BRAINS program is a $4.9mil Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funded program of work aimed at delivering better survivorship and supportive care to people affected by brain cancer and their caregivers.


 The program will improve our understanding of the frequency and severity of symptoms and need in this population across the entire country.


This understanding will then be implemented to develop improved models of care coordination for people with brain cancer and their caregivers that is responsive, timely and proportionate to the severity and urgency of individual needs.


These aims will be achieved through identification of patient and caregiver needs, models of survivorship care, information and support resources, rehabilitation, and supportive care interventions – the Five Themes of this program.



The BRAINS Program is comprised of four Cancer Cooperative Trials Groups: