End of Life Care Interest Group

PoCoG has launched a new special interest group for clinicians and researchers interested in End of Life issues. The group is looking for clinicians and researchers with an interest in working collaboratively to develop a program of research.

End of life care is care that optimises the quality of life for people, their families and carers approaching and reaching the end of life.

This includes the care, support and related end of life communication led by a range of health disciplines, including medical and palliative care, nursing, psychological, and social/allied health interventions.

End of life care is provided when a person is likely to die within the next 12 months due to progressive, advanced disease. People approaching and reaching the end of their life require varying levels of care and support, and their needs will fluctuate and change.


Objectives for the EoLC SIG

  • To share information about current and planned EoL research and foster collaborations 
  • To develop at least two PoCoG supported national EoL grant protocols for submission over the next three years
  • To develop a network of clinicians/researchers interested in participating in/contributing to EoL studies
  • Boost opportunities for international collaboration 


The group is facilitated by PoCoG and Chaired by Liz Lobb, Calvary Health Care Kogarah, and Ursula Sansom-Daly, Behavioural Science Unit at UNSW Sydney/Sydney Youth Cancer Service


How to Join

Email the PoCoG Executive Office pocog.office@sydney.edu.au requesting to join the End of Life Care Interest Group.


Contacting Other Members of the EoL Interest Group

We can facilitate communication and information sharing between end of life care interest group members. Simply email pocog.office@sydney.edu.au.