A special interest group for clinicians and researchers working in the growing area of fear of cancer recurrence (FCR), who are interested in working collaboratively to develop a plan of work and conduct research.

FCR is increasingly recognised as a major issue for cancer survivors, with a high prevalence and impact on quality of life. In response, a number of interventions have been developed and evaluated, to help people better manage FCR. The most recent was ConquerFear, a study that inspired by a PoCoG concept development workshop, and run through the PoCoG office.

FCR is a growing field, with much work to be done, including experimental work, new interventions for specific populations, and implementation studies to ensure evidence-based treatments are translated into routine clinical practice.

An international FCR group was formed a few years ago, under the banner of IPOS (the International Psycho-Oncology Society) called FoRWaRDs. However, given the strong interest in Australia, PoCoG has established a local group being led by Professor Phyllis Butow and Dr Ben Smith. 

  • To share information about current and planned FCR research and foster collaborations 

  • To develop at least two PoCoG supported national FCR grant protocols for submission over the next three years

  • To develop a network of clinicians interested in participating in FCR trials

  • Boost opportunities for international collaboration 

 How to Join

Email the PoCoG Executive Office pocog.office@sydney.edu.au requesting to join the Fear of Cancer Recurrence Interest Group.

Contacting Other Members of the FCR Interest Group

FCR interest group members are encouraged to communicate using the Email Forum.

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