PC4 and PoCoG Joint COMMUNITY Advisory Group


JCAG was formed in August 2010 as a joint initiative between PoCoG and the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4) in order to promote and increase community participation in the activities of both groups. JCAG functions as an advisory group to both PoCoG and PC4. Administratively JCAG will function as a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Committee of both groups.

Why "joint"?

We feel that the advantages of this partnership approach are:

  • the sharing of resources to achieve a common goal
  • the similarity of the type of research usually undertaken (ie, non-pharmaceutical interventions)
  • an increase in the diversity of research members of our community can elect to participate in
  • establishing a formal link between our CTGs.


The purpose of the JCAG is to provide a mechanism for advice to be received on general research directions and priorities from community's perspective for both Groups.

Key activities include:

  • Reviewing research concepts from community's perspective including the validity of the overall research question
  • Reviewing information sheets and consent forms of SAC approved studies
  • Participating in working groups

We expect that JCAG members will also be involved in other activities including:

  • Facilitating links with members of the community and community groups
  • Contributing to or initiating community projects and activities
  • Raising awareness and advocating about community priorities among the PoCoG and PC4 members
  • Advising on ways to increase public awareness of the importance of clinical trials
  • Advocating participation in research and clinical trials to wider community