Obligations and Responsibilities


To access PoCoG support applicants should comply with our Policy and Procedures Manual and applicants must:

  • conduct research to a standard consistent with PoCoG’s standard operating procedures
  • undertake reporting of trial progress to PoCoG, as required
  • conduct research in accordance with federal and state legislation, national and international ethical guidelines and relevant legislation. A list of the relevant legislative documents is available in the PoCoG Policy and Procedures Manual
  • be committed to publishing results in a timely manner
  • list PoCoG as an affiliation for any publications that arise from the study in accordance with guidelines outlined in the PoCoG Policy and Procedures Manual
  • register the study on the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR) anzctr.org.au
  • include the PoCoG minimum dataset in the study


Progress reports

It is a requirement of Cancer Australia that PoCoG report on its research activities, including concept development, protocol development, leveraged funding, progress of PoCoG administered and PoCoG supported studies and arising presentations and publications.


Accessing support from PoCoG is contingent on the applicant submitting detailed progress reports twice per year, in January and July.