PoCoG ADMINISTERED Studies - CONCEPTS Developed 2019-20


PoCoG-2016-101: Collaborative care in the management of clinical depression in cancer care. A national study to evaluate a collaborative care model for management of depression in cancer that incorporates community based clinical psychologists, GPs and hospital-based psycho-oncology


Aim: To evaluate in a pragmatic randomised controlled trial (pRCT) the effectiveness, acceptability and cost-efficacy of a collaborative care intervention for depressed cancer patients


Investigator team: Jane Turner, Joanne Shaw, Lisa Beatty, Brian Kelly, David Kissane, Laura Kirsten, Meera Agar, Kerry Sherman, Louise Sharpe, Ursula Sansom-Daly

Status: In development


PoCoG-2019-301: A research agenda for cancer related fatigue


Aim: To establish Australian research priorities for cancer-related fatigue across disease groups and stages.


Investigator team: Haryana Dhillon, Joanne Shaw, Corrinne Renton, Meera Agar, Linda Brown

Status: In development


PoCoG-2019-102: PRO Project Pictogram ESAS-R study 2


Aim: To evaluate whether a pictorial scale, used to measure health symptoms, is acceptable to patients. This will help health professionals to better identify patient problems and provide better care and support.


Investigator team: Heather Shepherd, Joanne Shaw, Haryana Dhillon, Phyllis Butow

Status: In development


PoCoG-2020-101: Exploring "Moral Distress" among Healthcare Professionals in Oncology and/or Palliative Care in Australia: A Qualitative Study


PoCoG-2020-601: CoGent study: evaluate an innovative COnsent in GENomics Testing intervention, (the CoGent intervention, combining a genomic QPL+DCP), specifically tailored to rare cancer patients, to improve the quality of consent to genomic research and patient outcomes


Investigator team: Phyllis Butow, Matilda Haas, Mandy Ballinger, David Thomas, Bettina Meiser, Lisa Dive, Timothy Schlub, Kathy Tucker, Ilona Juraskova, Joanne Shaw

Status: In development