PoCoG administered studies open to recruitment 2020-21


PoCoG-2019-102: PRO Project_Pictogram ESAS-R study 2


Aim: To evaluate whether a pictorial scale, used to measure health symptoms, is acceptable to patients. This will help health professionals to better identify patient problems and provide better care and support.


Team: Heather Shepherd, Joanne Shaw, Haryana Dhillon, Phyllis Butow


PoCoG-2016-202 Making Decisions about Psycho-oncology Treatment Options Development of a Patient Decision Aid


Aim: This study aims to develop a psycho-oncology specific patient decision aid to guide treatment referral decisions


Team: Joanne Shaw Rebecca Raynor, Caroline Hunt


 PoCoG-2020-101: Exploring "Moral Distress" among Healthcare Professionals in Oncology and/or Palliative Care in Australia: A Qualitative Study


Aim: Moral distress may have far reaching consequences for cancer and palliative healthcare professionals and clinical care. To evaluate these consequences, further investigation of the causes and experiences of moral distress as well as how individuals manage moral distress is necessary. This study aims to gather information which will inform future research and interventions for moral distress.


Team: Brian Kelly, Lesley Stafford, Meera Agar, Megan Best, Kym Boon, Haryana Dhillon, David Kissane, Liz Lobb, Donna Milne, Jenny Philip, Joanne Shaw, Jane Turner


PoCoG-2019-503: Assessing the psychometric properties of the newly developed Concerns about Late Effects questionnaire (CLEO) among women with an experience of breast cancer


Aims: This study aims to develop and test a questionnaire to measure the concerns women with an experience of breast cancer have about late effects


Team: Joanne Shaw, Phyllis Butow, Rebekah Laidsaar-Powell, Ilona Juraskova, Georgina Harvey, Yun Chen