PoCoG Supported Studies open to recruitment 2020-21


PoCoG-2020-06: A Delphi-based approach to developing the contents of an online intervention for male carers of women with breast cancer


Aims: The aims of this study are to:

1. Reach consensus among psycho-oncology experts about the

importance/relevance of content items that aim to support male caregivers of

women with breast cancer

2. Develop the intervention content, and

3. Elicit feedback on the developed intervention content from psycho-oncology

experts through consultations


Team: Adeola Bamgboje, Afaf Girgis, Sandra Goria, Joanne Shaw


PoCoG-2018-15: Light Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT+) for Sleep and Fatigue: A Randomized Controlled Trial during Chemotherapy for Cancer


Aims: The aims of this study are to:

1. Test the efficacy of cognitive behavioural and bright light therapy (CBT+) compared to relaxation audio and basic psychoeducation (CONTROL) for improving symptoms of sleep disturbance and fatigue.

2. Test the efficacy of CBT+ versus CONTROL for psychological outcomes.

3. Exploratory aim to test potential mechanisms and moderators of the intervention efficacy.


Team: Joshua Wiley, Bei Bei, Sheila Garland, Sonia Ancoli-Israel, Haitham Tuffaha


PoCoG-2019-10: Cancer-Related Fatigue Clinic Study (The CRFC Study)


Team: Ray Chan, Patsy Yates, Carmelita Escalante


PoCoG-2019-401: iScreen - every cancer patient every need


Aims: To implement a systemic approach to online screening of cancer patients

for their unmet needs and distress and address these needs using an evidence-based

clinical pathway.


Team: Bogda Koczwara, Phyllis Butow, Lisa Beatty, Joanne Shaw, Heather Shepherd, Haryana Dhillon