PoCoG Workshops

PoCoG concept development workshops are designed to build capacity in psycho-oncology research and are available to full PoCoG members. Place numbers are strictly limited and offered following a competitive selection process.

Concept Development Workshops

We are now accepting submissions for PoCoG’s next concept development workshop (CDW), which is in Sydney on Thursday 30 May.

This CDW will be hosted by PoCoG’s End of Life Care Special Interest Group (EOLC SIG) and is open to concepts with a focus on palliative and end of life care as well as bereavement.


PoCoG CDWs bring together members and the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) to develop high quality, collaborative research projects, initiated by PoCoG members.

Our CDWs provide a supportive environment for intensive input on study design and methods from SAC members and PoCoG colleagues with expertise in psycho-oncology, health economics, and quality of life measurement. Members of our Community Advisory Group are also invited to attend.


PoCoG undertakes support of the development of presented concepts in the understanding that the investigator intends the project to be a PoCoG collaborative study, as described by PoCoG’s mission and aims.

Therefore, by accepting an invitation to a CDW, the investigator undertakes to:

  • Continue developing the concept to funding stage
  • Report on progress of the concept as requested by PoCoG but at least 6 monthly.


If you are interested in participating in our CDW please submit a Study Concept Form for Concept Development Workshops, which is available here.  

This form should be used to document the evidence-based rationale for the study, relevant pilot work, and proposed study methods (with the intention that these will be further developed at the CDW).

Please submit your concept to the PoCoG Executive Office pocog.office@sydney.edu.au by Friday 29 March. 

Who can apply and attend?

Current PoCoG members are welcome to submit a concept. While this CDW is being hosted by the EOLC Special Interest Group, it is not necessary to be a member of this SIG to submit a concept.

Successful investigators and one member of their proposed research team will be invited to attend the workshop.

The review process

Submissions will be reviewed by representatives from the SAC and successful investigators will be notified within a week of the closing date.

Concept submissions will be considered on the basis of:

  • Importance: potential to inform the science and practice of psycho-oncology and likely to be of interest to funding bodies
  • Scientific quality: the study design and methods that have been proposed in the CDW application have the potential to be developed into a high-quality research plan
  • Feasibility: the investigators have the required expertise (or can access this via PoCoG) and are likely to be able to garner the needed resources to successfully complete the project
  • Impact: the project has potential to significantly improve peoples’ health or wellbeing


PoCoG will cover registration costs of the invited participants, but participants should be able to cover the costs of their travel to Sydney.