Research Support

PoCoG brings together researchers, clinicians, health care professionals and consumers, with an interest in psycho-oncology, to foster collaboration to develop large-scale, multi-centre psycho-oncology studies of clinical relevance and importance, which would be difficult for any one team to mount.


PoCoG studies can be either:

PoCoG Administered: studies conceptualised and/or administered by PoCoG SAC/PoCoG Office


PoCoG Supported: PoCoG member studies where PoCoG has contributed to concept development, scientific review and/or support with study design, protocol development and/or statistical analysis plan


PoCoG considers all requests for support from members and collaborators across the development pathway. Each request will be assessed by the management team according to:

  • PoCoG objectives
  • Feasibility
  • Scope of work requested   



Requests for research support can be emailed to the PoCoG Executive Office at any time.


For more details read the PoCoG Policy and Procedures Manual