Submission and Review


Requests for support can entail:


  1. Concept development workshop (CDW)

This mode of support is for less developed concepts that require extensive input from Scientific Advisory Committee, which acts as mentor to develop a study proposal that can be operationalised as a protocol.

It is assumed that any concepts developed at the PoCoG CDWs will proceed to the next stage of development pathway that supports protocol development. 

  1. Protocol development

For more developed concepts or concepts developed through the CDW, investigators have the opportunity to access PoCoG’s support to assist with protocol development.


The level of support will be assessed and negotiated on a case-by-case basis and can range from scientific review only to support in study design, protocol development and statistical analysis plan.


Protocol development support can continue up until funding stage. Further support post-funding may be negotiated. The level of support may range from access to ongoing specialist advice through to full administration of the study by PoCoG.

  1. Other relationships

Requests for support that do not involve a concept or protocol development are also considered by the PoCoG management team and support is negotiated accordingly.


Such relationships may include:

  • Co-branding
  • Collaborations
  • Fee for service agreement for discrete work such as conduct of analysis or other study related activities