Fear of cancer recurrence: resource hub

A repository of information on fear of cancer recurrence.
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Fear of cancer recurrence manuals

A Psychological and Educational Intervention for Fear of Cancer Recurrence: Therapist Treatment Manual

Conquer Fear: Quick Guide

ConquerFear intervention materials

Session 1

Client Handout 1: How fear of cancer recurrence develops

Client Handout 2: What values are important to you         

Session 2

Client Handout 1: The impact of past life experience and personality factors

Client Handout 2: Self-attention rating scale

Client Handout 3: Attention training technique (ATT)

Session 3

Client Handout 1: Detached mindfulness

Session 4

Client Handout 1: Metacognitions (MCQ-HA)

Client Handout 2: Checking your symptoms sensibly

Client Handout 3: Learning to postpone your worry

Client Handout 4: Follow-up care and lifestyle changes

Session 5

Client Handout 1: Planning for the future


Metacognitions Questionnaire


Conquer Fear Session Checklists for Clinicians


Card sort


Attention Training Technique – with guidance (audio file)

Attention Training Technique – without guidance (audio file)