Fear of cancer recurrence webinar

The webinar includes presentations from experts in this field, a cancer survivor’s experience, a facilitated panel discussion and a Q&A session centred on a case study. The webinar explores the roles of nurses and allied health professionals in supporting cancer survivors who experience fear of cancer recurrence, or cancer progression, the highest reported unmet need among cancer survivors.

Fear of cancer recurrence articles


Evaluation of the validity and screening performance of a revised single-item fear of cancer recurrence screening measure (FCR-1r). 

AB Smith, M Gao, M Tran, M Ftanou, S Jegathees, V Wu, et al. Psycho-oncology (2023) 32(6):961-71.


Development and usability evaluation of an online selfmanagement intervention for fear of cancer recurrence (iConquerFear)

Allan “Ben” Smith, Adeola Bamgboje‐Ayodele, Phyllis Butow, Britt Klein, Jane Turner, Louise Sharpe, Joanna Fardell, Lisa Beatty, Alison Pearce, Belinda Thewes, Jane Beith, iConquerFear Community Advisory Group and Afaf Girgis PsychoOncology (2020) 29:98–106.


Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of therapist guided internet-delivered cognitive therapy (TG-iConquerFear) with augmented treatment as usual in reducing fear of cancer recurrence in Danish colorectal cancer survivors

 Johanne Lyhne, Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, Lisbeth Frostholm, Per Fink, Lars Henrik Jensen  BMC Cancer (2020) 20: 223. 10.1186/s12885-020-06731-6


Brittany Mutsaers, Phyllis Butow, Andreas Dinkel, Gerald Humphris, Christine Maheu Gozde Ozakinci, Judith Prins, Louise Sharpe, Allan “Ben” Smith, Belinda Thewes, Sophie Lebel Psycho‐Oncology (2019) 1–7.

 Effect of Psychological Intervention on Fear of Cancer Recurrence: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Nina Tauber, Mia O’Toole, Andreas Dinkel, A, et al Journal of Clinical Oncology (2019) JCO.19.00572. 10.1200/JCO.19.00572


Cost‐effectiveness of an intervention to reduce fear of cancer recurrence: The ConquerFear randomized controlled trial

Sophy Ting‐Fang Shih, Phyllis Butow, Steven J. Bowe, Belinda Thewes, Jane Turner, Jemma Gilchrist, Cathrine Mihalopoulos, on behalf of the ConquerFear research group  Psycho‐Oncology (2019) 28:1071–1079.


Systematic review of interventions by non-mental health specialists for managing fear of cancer recurrence in adult cancer survivors

 Jia (Jenny) Liu, Phyllis Butow and Jane Beith Supportive Care in Cancer (2019) 11 4055-4067


Psychological intervention (ConquerFear) for treating fear of cancer recurrence: mediators and moderators of treatment efficacy

Louise Sharpe, Jane Turner, Joanna E. Fardell, Belinda Thewes, Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, Jemma Gilchrist, Jane Beith, Afaf Girgis, Stephanie Tesson, S. Day, K. Grunewald, Phyllis Butow and ConquerFear Authorship group Journal of Cancer Survivorship (2019) 13:695–702


A psychological intervention (ConquerFear) for treating fear of cancer recurrence: Views of study therapists regarding sustainability

Phyllis Butow, Douglas Williams, Belinda Thewes, Stephanie Tesson, Louise Sharpe, Allan Ben Smith, Joanna E. Fardell, Jane Turner, Jemma Gilchrist, Afaf Girgis, Jane Beith, the Conquer Fear Authorship Group  Psycho‐Oncology (2019) 28:533–539.


A research agenda for fear of cancer recurrence: A Delphi study conducted in Australia

Phyllis Butow, Joanne Shaw, Lisa Vaccaro, L, et al.  Psycho-Oncology (2019) 28: 989-96. 10.1002/pon.5048


Medical, demographic and psychological correlates of fear of cancer recurrence (FCR) morbidity in breast, colorectal and melanoma cancer survivors with probable clinically significant FCR seeking psychological treatment through the ConquerFear study

Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, Louise Sharpe, Belinda Thewes, Jane Turner, Jemma Gilchrist, Joanna E. Fardell, Afaf Girgis, Stephanie Tesson, Joseph Descallar, Melanie L. Bell, Jane Beith, Phyllis Butow and the ConquerFear Authorship Group Supportive Care in Cancer (2018) 26:4207–4216


Exploring the screening capacity of the Fear of Cancer Recurrence InventoryShort Form for clinical levels of fear of cancer recurrence

Joanna E. Fardell, Georden Jones, Allan Ben Smith, Sophie Lebel, Belinda Thewes, Daniel Costa, Kerry Tille, Sébastien Simard, Andrea Feldstain, Sara Beattie, Megan McCallum on behalf of the Conquer Fear authorship group, Phyllis Butow PsychoOncology (2018) 27:492–499.


Fear of cancer recurrence and death anxiety

Louise Sharpe, Leah Curran, Phyllis Butow Belinda Thewes, Psycho‐Oncology (2018) 27:2559–2565.


Fear of Cancer Recurrence: A Practical Guide for Clinicians

Phyllis Butow, Louise Sharpe, Belinda Thewes, Jane Turner, Jemma Gilchrist and Jane Beith, January 15, 2018 Fear of Cancer Recurrence: A Practical Guide for Clinicians | Cancer Network


Randomized Trial of ConquerFear: A Novel, Theoretically Based Psychosocial Intervention for Fear of

Cancer Recurrence

Phyllis Butow, Jane Turner, Jemma Gilchrist, Louise Sharpe, Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, Joanna E. Fardell, Stephanie Tesson, Rachel O’Connell, Afaf Girgis, Val J. Gebski, Rebecca Asher, Cathrine Mihalopoulos, Melanie L. Bell, Karina Grunewald Zola, Jane Beith, and Belinda Thewes Journal of Clinical Oncology (2017) 35: No. 36


Fear of cancer recurrence: a theoretical review and novel cognitive processing formulation

Joanna E Fardell, Belinda Thewes, Jane Turner, Jemma Gilchrist, Louise Sharpe, Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, Afaf Girgis and Phyllis Butow Journal of Cancer Survivorship (2016) 10:663-73


Psychometric properties of the Fear of Cancer Recurrence Inventory: an item response theory approach

Daniel Costa, Mbathio Dieng, Anne Cust, Phyllis Butow and Nadine Kasparian Psycho-Oncology (2016) 25:832–838


A qualitative exploration of fear of cancer recurrence (FCR) amongst Australian and Canadian breast cancer survivors

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The sum of all fears: conceptual challenges with measuring fear of cancer recurrence

Daniel Costa, Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, Joanna Fardell Supportive Care in Cancer (2016) 24: 1-3. 10.1007/s00520-015-2943-y


When fear of cancer recurrence becomes a clinical issue: A qualitative analysis of features associated with clinical fear of cancer recurrence

Brittany Mutsaers, Georden Jones, Nicole Rutkowski, Christina Tomei, Caroline Seguin Leclair, Danielle Petricone-Westwood, Sebastien Simard, Sophie Lebel Supportive Care in Cancer (2016) 24: 4207-4218


Fear of cancer recurrence: An overview and Australian perspective

Phyllis Butow, Joanna Fardell, Allan ‘Ben’ Smith Cancer Forum (2015) 39: 95-100.


Conquer fear: Protocol of a randomised controlled trial of a psychological intervention to reduce fear of cancer recurrence

Phyllis Butow, Melanie Bell Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, et al BMC Cancer (2013) 13.10.1186/1471-2407-13-2


Pilot of a theoretically grounded psychologist-delivered intervention for fear of cancer recurrence (Conquer Fear)

Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, Belinda Thewes, Jane Turner, Jemma Gilchrist, Joanna Fardell, Louise Sharpe, Melanie L Bell, Afaf Girgis, Maree Grier, Donna Byrne, Samantha Clutton and Phyllis Butow Psycho-Oncology (2015)