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26/04/2017 - Update from the Quality of Life Office

The Quality of Life (QOL) Office is funded by Cancer Australia to provide advice and support to members of PoCoG on assessing patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in cancer clinical trials.

The QOL Office offers a range of services to members of PoCoG, including:

  • A number of free web resources, including a checklist of items to include in the QOL sections of your trial protocol, information about common QOL measures, and information about how to analyse QOL data;
  • Free training workshops about the concept of QOL and other PROs, and how to design and conduct QOL/PRO studies.
  • An advisory service to assist PoCoG members with queries about including QOL/PRO in clinical research.

Read the recently added answer to the Frequently Asked Question: “How best to handle common data entry errors in patient-reported outcome (PRO) datasets?”

Please follow this email link to contact the QOLO Office and for assistance with PRO research queries:

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