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01/11/2018 - Quality of Life Office - Update

One of the crucial services offered to the Cancer Clinical Trials Groups (CTGs) is the Quality of Life Technical Service – provided by Professor Madeleine King and her staff at the Quality of Life Office, University of Sydney, since 2011. 

The Quality of Life Technical Service facilitates the inclusion of health related quality of life (QOL) and patient reported outcome (PRO) measures into cancer clinical trials. The QOL Office team has extensive QOL/PRO expertise and experience working with the CTGs, to meet their needs for advice, support, training and resources to design, conduct, analyse and report QOL and PRO components of their trials.

Staff at the QOL Office are available to answer any online queries from CTG members regarding the QOL/PRO aspects of their clinical research.

The QOL Office regularly offers free training workshops to CTG members about the concept of QOL and other PROs, and how to design and conduct QOL/PRO studies. CTG members can submit an expression of interest form to indicate their preferences for workshops.

CTG members can also access a number of excellent QOL/PRO research resources available on the QOL Office website.

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