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30/01/2019 - PoCoG Presents...
In January a number of PoCoG members took advantage of the opportunity to attend presentations by visiting experts Professor Ron Epstein from the USA and Professor Gerry Humphris from Scotland. 
Professor Epstein is Professor of Family Medicine, Psychiatry and Oncology and Director of the Centre for Communication and Disparities Research at the University of Rochester Medical Centre in the USA.
Professor Epstein's presentation Re-thinking communication with the seriously ill discussed the importance of honest and compassionate discussions about prognosis to assist patients with informed decision making and life planning. View Professor Epstein's slides from the presentation here
Fear of Cancer Expert Professor Gerry Humphris, is a Professor of Health Psychology in the School of Medicine at St Andrews University Scotland. 
Professor Humphris was a guest of PoCoG's FCR Interest Group and he presented his team's work in this area. View Professor Humphris's slides here.

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