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01/09/2020 - PoCoG End of Life Care Webinar
From 12:30-2:00 on Thursday 1 October the PoCoG End of Life Care Special Interest Group (EoLC SIG) is hosting a webinar on "Agility and adaptation: Expanding best practice palliative care to vulnerable groups amidst trying global times."

The goal of this event is to look at the diverse and innovative ways Australian researchers and clinicians are studying end of life care and communication. We hope to highlight current and ongoing work with a focus on expanding best-practice palliative care - across sectors, communities, patient groups, as well as the health professionals delivering it.    

The webinar will be facilitated by Doctor Ursula Sansom-Daly and will feature a presentation by Professor Liz Lobb on bereavement and end of life care amidst COVID-19, as well as research presentations by members of the End of Life Care SIG. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, in what we hope will be a very interactive session.  

Register here. The webinar link will be sent to all participants closer to the date.  
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