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03/03/2021 - Webinar - Consumers in research
PoCoG's South Australian Special Interest Group is hosting a webinar from 12pm - 100pm (1130am -1230pm SA time) on Thursday 22 April. 

This, the second event in our SA PoCoG Webinar Series, examines the topic of ‘Consumer involvement in research’ from three perspectives:
Ms Julie Marker is past Chair of Cancer Voices SA and has experience as a Consumer Representative on a number of state and national committees and advisory groups and a number of research projects. Julie will speak about her broad experiences as a consumer involved in research in a variety of roles, including as a consumer investigator and co-supervisor.   
Dr Nadia Corsini is a Senior Research Fellow and Quality of Life Theme Coordinator in the Cancer Care Research Group at Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre, University of South Australia. Nadia is passionate about consumer engagement in research and creating partnerships and will speak about her experience of consumer involvement in research from the academic perspective. 
Dr Agustina Gancia is Senior Project Officer, Consumer Engagement at Health Translation SA. Agustina will speak about the benefits to researchers of consumer engagement, the how-to of consumer engagement, and available resources/how Health Translation SA can help with consumer involvement in research.
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