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01/06/2022 - PoCoG Webinar
SA PoCoG SIG Seminar series Digital Health in SA Psycho-oncology

SA PoCoG Special Interest Group ran its fourth webinar in the SA PoCoG Seminar series, ‘Digital Health in SA Psycho-oncology’ on 30 June at 12pm ACST (12.30 AEST).

This webinar outlined recent developments in South Australian digital health psycho-oncology research and experience of applying digital health in psycho-oncology practice.

Lisa Beatty (Associate Professor, Flinders University), will discuss her research into digital health interventions in psycho-oncology, including the online intervention for women living with metastatic breast cancer, Finding My Way – Advanced.

Morgan Leske (PhD Candidate, Flinders University), who will present her research developing the Healthy Living After Cancer Online program.

Nicole Ferrar (Lift Cancer Care) will present on her clinical experience of delivering telehealth and referring to digital health interventions in psycho-oncology.

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