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22/06/2023 - Webinar: Improving cancer outcomes for First Nations people

This webinar offers clinicians and researchers a range of considerations and strategies for improving participation rates among First Nations peoples in cancer clinical trials.

The intention of this webinar is to build on the information and resources shared in PoCoG's e-Learning Series - Improving cancer outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander peoples.

We encourage you to watch this series in advance of the webinar.

The draft program is provided below:

Welcome and introduction Prof Brian Kelly University of Newcastle, NSW

Setting the context - Prof Gail Garvey University of Queensland, Qld

The Australian Experience

Recruiting and retaining First Nations cancer patients in clinical trials and ideas for future practice - Lizzie Meusburger Alan Walker Cancer Centre, NT

Perspectives and experiences from First Nations patients

The Experience in the US

Successful Clinical Trials Recruitment and Retention Strategies from Native American Cancer Research Corporation (NACR) and Walking Forward, USA - Linda Burhansstipanov, North American Cancer Institute

The Experience in Aotearoa New Zealand

Maori participation rates in clinical trials - Nina Scott and Amy Jones, Maori Health Authority

Panel discussion and questions Prof Brian Kelly

Wrap up Prof Gail Garvey


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